We would buy it but the décor is wierd

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One of my friends on Facebook Alice T. Chan posted this article and it brought back memories for me.  I wanted to share it with you.  I remember when my husband and I were shopping for our condominium and all the places that we saw.  We could not believe that people did not pick up their clothes off the floors.  Dishes in the sinks, a ring around the tub, and smoking in every room, even dirty ashtrays they are all HUGE turn offs.  Green slimy pools, funky stuff on the carpets…beds in the living room, I mean come on people.  You are trying to sell your house…. hire a cleaning company if you do not want to clean and for pity sake STOP SMOKING IN THE HOUSE…I know it is your house but you are trying to get someone else to buy it.  If you must smoke pick a spot outside away from the entrances and exits of your home…the garage is not a good place either.  People will go into the garage smell the musty odor, and wonder if you have a leak or question that something died behind all the clutter.  When you smoke in a home, there will be no getting around painting from ceiling to floor in every room and all the fabrics and upholstery cleaned before it will ever be pleasant to the nose of a potential buyer.  I have walked into places that have been painted and cleaned but the lingering odor of smokers does not fade.  It is a very difficult thing to disguise.  You can smell that there is a smoker in the house before you enter into the house.  That is how strong the odor of cigarettes travels and lingers.  You may not have the furniture from a magazine but your home can stand out from the rest if it is squeaky clean, fresh and airy to all five senses, and NO CLUTTER.  I know that you have collected those precious items for years, but they are your treasures and should be packed ever so carefully and taken to storage for your new home.  A good home stager can help you determine what stays and what should be packed away for your viewing pleasure at your new home.  Give me a call for help and guidance.  I am eager to couch you and make the hard decision choices easier on you.  Look at this article from Julie Glassberg of the NY Times.  It is a great read and very informative for those of you with a house on the market and not selling.  Deborah



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